Thursday, 23 July 2015

Powering Your Camping Trip With a Spare Auto Battery

You may think you have to make all kinds of sacrifices when you go camping. Say goodbye to artificial lighting, your cell phone, television and refrigeration and say hello to Mother Nature. Who says you have to choose? If you bring a spare auto battery, you can keep running your electronics while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

You can make your vacation far more enjoyable and less stressful by bringing a car battery on your camping trip. If it’s summer and you’re headed out into the woods, you may want to have some chilled beer, cola and some meat and fish to cook for dinner. If you don’t have refrigeration, you’ll be stuck with warm coke, beans and rice. But you can bring a cooler box or small fridge and hook it up to your extra car battery. Suddenly you’re living in the lap of luxury with ice-cold drinks and a marinated steak chilled for the cookout.

Nights can come fast on the campsite. Once the sun goes down you have to either make a campfire or just go to bed. Or if you bring a spare auto battery, you can light up the night with portable lamps and electric torches. Your night in the woods doesn’t have to end until you want it to if you bring portable power along with you.

It can get hot out on the campsite in the summer. Rather than sweating out of your clothes, you can bring a box fan and hook it up to your portable power source. Camping trips are all about relaxation, so you don’t want to be overheated and uncomfortable the whole time. Bringing your own power source can give you the freedom to create your own comfortable conditions. There’s no reason to compromise your enjoyment on your camping vacation.

By going out into the woods without power, you may be setting yourself up for a disaster. Someone may get hurt or you may have car troubles—there are countless calamities that you’re subject to in the backcountry. Once your cellphone runs out of battery and you can’t charge it back up, you could be in big trouble. Bringing an extra car battery so you can charge your phone is like taking out a small insurance policy in the case of an unforeseen emergency.

The key to setting the scene for the perfect camping trip is bringing along an extra car battery to use for your essential power needs. Find out more about where you can buy reliable auto batteries in San Diego

Monday, 29 June 2015

How Often Should Jet Ski Batteries Be Replaced

It’s warm outside, and you are ready to go have some fun on the water. You get out the Jet Ski, try to fire it up and nothing happens. Your battery is dead. Is it time to replace it? Figuring out when to replace your Jet Ski battery is not always easy. It helps to learn a bit about how this battery works and what signs to look out for that tell you it is time to get a new one.

Jet Ski batteries are like car batteries in how they operate but not in how they are charged. Your car has an alternator that will provide a consistent charge to your battery when the car is running. The Jet Ski, though, doesn’t have an actual alternator. This means your battery can lose its charge more easily. You don’t want your battery to ever be drained because this will affect its overall life span. You’ll likely be able to recharge it, but it won’t ever have the same power as it did before. 

Like any battery, if it is not keeping a charge or its charge is weak and you have tried recharging it without good results, then it probably is time to buy a new one. In addition, if you want the best performance, you may want to replace the battery more often just so you always have that top power coming from it. Overall, though, it is a good rule of thumb to replace the battery when your warranty ends.

Of course replacing your battery is not something you want to have to do too often. That can get costly. So, in order to keep your battery in the best possible shape, you need to properly care for it. This means that you need to avoid things that will ruin your battery. One of the biggest issues is corrosion. Watch for signs of corrosion, which usually shows up as a white residue on the battery terminals. To avoid this, remove the battery from the Jet Ski when it is not being used and store it in a cool, dry place.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Why You Should Consider Solar Power for Your Home

A lot of people these days are turning to the energy from the sun to power up their homes. Using the energy from the sun offers many benefits to both you and the environment. Not only that, but they are simple to install and don’t make any noise while operating.

Save Money

The cost of solar batteries and solar panels up front may seem like a lot. However, the amount of money that you save long term will more than pay for the costs you encounter in the beginning. Once you have your panels installed, your source of energy will be free. Because you can rely on the sun to rise each day, you know that your source of energy is renewable. Even though you won’t be able to get energy from the sun during nighttime or cloudy days, you know that there is a sunny day just around the corner. This can save you a lot of money on batteries, electricity bills, and other types of rechargeable batteries.

Does Your Battery Have Enough Juice for Slide Outs?

An RV with multiple slide outs turns “cramping” into “glamping.” Make sure your battery has enough amps and hours before your trip, however, so that you don’t get stuck at the campsite.

How to Keep Your Truck Battery in Good Shape

Taking good care of your truck is important to help it last for a long time. There are many components to your truck, but one that may be somewhat neglected compared to the other parts is the battery. There are a couple of simple ways you can keep your batteries in good shape, which can save you money, time, and prevent a stressful situation later.

Clean the Corrosion

You don’t want any corrosion anywhere on your battery. You can prevent this by cleaning it with a special product that you can purchase at an auto parts store. If you can, get it in a spray form, as it will be easier for you to clean. Remove the cables before cleaning anything, and make sure to remove the negative cable first. Take special care when doing this. Then you can use a brush along with your spray to clean off any corrosion that you may see.

Optima Batteries Named The Official Battery Of Svra For 2015 Vintage Race Season

This year, vintage racing fans and entrants will see OPTIMA Batteries’ marketing presence prominently displayed in the paddock at more

What You Should Know About RV Batteries

If you are in the market for recreational vehicle (RV) batteries, you should be familiar with the main types and their uses.

  • The starter or chassis type of battery doesn’t have a lot of power and is used mainly to start the engine, just like the one used in your car. By design this battery is intended to give a surge of power and then be immediately recharged.

  • Deep cycle batteries must completely discharge before they can be recharged. These are commonly used in campers and trailers which have separate electrical systems in the coach and in the main engine. These batteries have thicker lead plates than the starter kind, so they continue to provide power for a long camping trip in the woods. They power the lights, water pump, furnace, and any other 12 volt appliances in the coach. Some of these batteries are flooded cell, but more expensive varieties will use gel instead.

  • The RV marine battery is a sort of in-between of the other two kinds. Cheaper than a deep cycle because it is made in a similar way to a starter, it nonetheless has better performance than a starter.