Sunday, 28 June 2015

What You Should Know About RV Batteries

If you are in the market for recreational vehicle (RV) batteries, you should be familiar with the main types and their uses.

  • The starter or chassis type of battery doesn’t have a lot of power and is used mainly to start the engine, just like the one used in your car. By design this battery is intended to give a surge of power and then be immediately recharged.

  • Deep cycle batteries must completely discharge before they can be recharged. These are commonly used in campers and trailers which have separate electrical systems in the coach and in the main engine. These batteries have thicker lead plates than the starter kind, so they continue to provide power for a long camping trip in the woods. They power the lights, water pump, furnace, and any other 12 volt appliances in the coach. Some of these batteries are flooded cell, but more expensive varieties will use gel instead.

  • The RV marine battery is a sort of in-between of the other two kinds. Cheaper than a deep cycle because it is made in a similar way to a starter, it nonetheless has better performance than a starter.

The electrical system in RVs is usually 12 volts although 6 volts are also possible. Some will use two 6 volt cells instead of one 12, since they have a bit more reserve power. All RV batteries use lead acid compounds. To learn more about RV batteries in Escondido, visit our website.

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