Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Evolution of Car Batteries

Vehicles have come a long way over the course of history. The car battery has also changed over the years; however it may not have changed as much as you think. Batteries have actually been around for quite some time. The oldest batteries date way back to around 250 B.C. In present day Iraq, these batteries could have been used for medicine, or for electroplating.

Dry Cell Battery

In the 1790’s, the first dry cell battery was introduced by the Italian Alessandro Volta. He was able to produce a positive charge using silver and a negative charge using zinc. The plates he used containing these elements produced electricity. Alessandro Volta is where the word “volt” came from.

Wet Cell Batteries

Lead acid batteries have been around since the 1860’s. It was introduced in France by Georges Leclanche and was the world’s first rechargeable battery. He did this by crushing manganese dioxide and carbon to make a positive charge, and zinc to make a negative charge. Over the years, constant improvements have been made, and around the world, this is still the most commonly used battery for automobiles.

Lithium Ion

Today, some of the vehicles on the road are electric vehicles. This means that instead of using gasoline, they are powered with recharging stations. Lithium ion batteries are a common type of battery used in these cars. The lithium ion battery is quite a bit newer in comparison to the other batteries mentioned, with it not being made available commercially until the 1970’s.

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