Wednesday, 24 June 2015

How to Recognize a Worn-Out Battery

Batteries can only be charged so many times over the course of their life, and over time they lose the ability to hold that charge. That means that as a battery gets older, you will be recharging it more often. If you intend to keep your electronic device, look for these signs that your battery needs replacing.

  • When you are charging it more often but it takes a shorter time for it to finish charging, it means the battery’s capacity and power is weakening.
  • If your computer shuts down or hibernates unexpectedly even if the battery meter claims it has plenty of charge, this is another sign your battery is going bad. This happens because the meter is using the limit of the last complete charge as the measure of a full charge, even if it isn’t.

Some computer manufacturers provide programs that measure the health of the battery so you will know if a problem is developing, and even tell you when the battery needs to be replaced. Free software available on the Internet will also scan your battery and provide recommendations on battery health, how much capacity it has lost, and when it should be replaced. Likewise, there are apps for mobile devices that will identify all the applications that are using your battery, so you can determine if an unusual drain is caused by active use or is an indication of a failing battery. For more information on batteries in San Diego, visit our website.

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